Shivam Technical Education Campus, Valasan

Shivam Technical Education Campus, Valasan Was established in the year 2009 by Shivam Education and Research Foundation Trust, Vallabh Vidyanagar.The educational town of Valasan is situated 10 kmsfrom Anand,3 kms from the Karamsad is nearly 80 kms from the city of ahmedabad and 50 kms from the city of vadodra.We are committed to develop excellence in education,training and research. Instituionalized attempts are being made to promote and foster excellence on devloping knowledge skills and attitudes in our student and commitment to values in faculty and staff. Special emphasis has been placed on developing an environment, personality development,confidence building,self-discipline and enhancement of creativity through motivation which helps to produce professional who are well trained for the rigors of professional and social life.

Keeping in view "Vidhya Dhanam Sarva Dhan Pradhanm" We have established an array of institutes offering frontline value-added professional programs like B.Pharm., M.Pharm., MBA, MCA, Nursery, KG to 10th , 11th & 12th Science & Commerce Classes in (Gujarati & English Medium) under the umbrella of Shivam Technical Education Campus,an arm of Shivam Education & Research Foundation Trust.

Dr. Bhawanishankar Madhira, Principal

It is the responsibility of these institutions to show,in visible terms,how best the work culture, richness of resources, career motivation of students and commitment of faculty members could be deployed for qulity education having relevance derived from.and judged by.thwe professional field.

Having been in close touch with the captains of industry, we recognize that Industry-Institute-Interactions(I-I-I) is the most important corner stone on which the edifice of professional programmers could be constructed.

The campus is working towards becoming a center of excellence in professional education and research and will be leader in the field of professional practice with a vision of the betterment of the society . Strong motivation is not the substice for organized hard work that the disciplines of professional programmers demand In the working system. We call upon students to throw real academic challenges to the faculty in classroom for enhanced learning. Method of lerning through case studies in management programma and designing programmer for defined need in new areas in computer applications as a part of our pedagogical tools are expected to trigger creative thinking and innovative approach in the participants of the respective programmers.

We strive to provide high quality education bleander with concept of ethice so as to would the conduct and character of the future professionals through the process of continuous quality improvement and up gradation of knowledge through optimum use of available knowledge resources to contribute to the cause ofmarking india a knowledge society foer attracting global attention.